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Post Office Box AN

Facsimile: (609) 279-2132

Princeton NJ 08542-0119



        Results oriented. Confident in making project related decisions.

        Reputation for a strong sense of professionalism; dependable, reliable, remains calm and works well under demanding conditions.

        Strong interpersonal and communications abilities.

        Maintains project focus, productivity, and momentum.

        Skilled in translating complex requirements into accurate specifications and technical solutions.

        15+ years experience in complex systems development.



Project Administration/Implementation

        Successfully communicates with disparate teams to guide project schedules and deliverables.

        Directs programmers to complete tasks within a project deadline.

        Skillfully employs PM techniques to increase batch throughput, and performance.

        Precisely estimates programming effort for management of projects: development options, programs, resources, etc.

        Manages complete SDLC on fixed T&M basis.

        Technical liaison with vendors for outsourced project portions, including reconciliation with internal development.

        Manages upgrades of system software tools: Telon, Sync Sort, Abend-Aide, etc.

        Prepares guidelines for project implementation including on-site UAT support.


System Analysis/Design

        Analyzes business requirements to produce detailed programs, database and process specifications.

        Specifies program/process requirements across multiple platforms,

        Details new or changes to programs to incorporate functionality into complex legacy systems.

        With customer service in mind, evaluates software tools from vendors against enterprise requirements.

        Employs solutions that have repeatedly and drastically improved response times.

        Successfully employs analytical skills to revisit and solve long-standing production and process problems.


Software Development/Problem Solving

        Develops programs that interact in real time with multiple platforms: Internet technologies, Unix, other DBMS, other mainframes.

        Has written: 20+ database conversion programs; application conversion programs under extreme deadlines, template programs used to develop a complete sub-system.

        Develops/maintains, and remediates sub-systems in entirety on fixed T&M cost basis.

        Setup, and supports complete test environments, including all batch, ftp jobs. Supports developers with problems on application, as well as system software.

        Configures, sets up application development products. Increases online response time over 95%. Increases batch job throughput system wide



Client History:

2002 Present Telecommunications Company Consultant

1998 2001. Avnet, Inc. Consultant (via Telecommute)

1998 Keane Consulting. Technical Consultant

1997 1998. Experian Credit Data. Consultant (via Telecommute)

1996 1997. Levi Strauss & Co. Technical Consultant

1995 1996. Marshall Industries, Inc. Consultant

1993 1995. TRW Credit Data. Consultant

1992 1993. ARCO Petroleum Co. Consultant

1991 1992. Avnet, Inc. Consultant

1989 1991. Scottish Widows Insurance. Contractor

1986 1988. Infoplan Consulting. Senior Analyst/Programmer.




Technical Summary


15 yrs



12 yrs


MS Office

5 yrs


15 yrs



10 yrs


Microman Project

3 yrs


15 yrs



8 yrs


MS Project

3 yrs


15 yrs



8 yrs



3 yrs


15 yrs



7 yrs


!DB Explain

2 yrs


15 yrs


Data Vantage

6 yrs



2 yrs

Sync Sort

15 yrs



5 yrs



2 yrs


12 yrs



5 yrs



2 yrs